You are already loving these new Soft Poles!

Soft Pole 3 pack

The ever popular Flexible Soft Poles are back but with a new design.  Not only do the Flexible Soft Pole come in a pack of 3 in their very own carry bag, but are now triangular in shape to cut down the possibilities of rolling when knocked.  You are already loving the new design, hence we’ve already re-ordered to keep up with demand! 😊

If your horse is unruly and like to destroy your ground poles then use these instead.  The soft foam poles have a PVC outer coloured skin which makes them flexible, easy, safe and very useful for every riding exercise. Perfect your jumping strides, used in conjunction with equestrian pole work groups.

Perfect for training.  Ideal to indicate the strides between jumps. To use as distance poles in front of and behind jumps.  To channel horse drawing guides before and after jumps, or during flat work.  Avoid using studs in your horses shoe when schooling over any foam products.

So, if your horse steps on the pole, nothing happens, it simply reducing the risk of injury considerably especially whilst training a young horse.

  • Simply open out, and using a hand pump to increase their size.
  • Also ideal for beginners ground work.
  • High Quality made from PVC canvas.
  • Easy to move around, hence lightweight and to store.
  • These foam poles are designed to prevent any injury’s when used as ground line or trot/canter poles.
  • Avoid using studs in your horses shoe when schooling over any foam products.
  • Measuring triangular 2.7m length x 10 x 10cm x 13cm.

These Training Poles come to you in a pack of three in the same colour and in this fantastic duffle bag for storage, what’s not to love?  You can order yours here

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Soft Pole 3 pack        Soft Pole 3 pack

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