Unicorns DO have Wings…

29 Jubilee Unicorn Jump Set

Unicorns Do have Wings….

When doing a spot of photography the other day with our Kiddie Pony Wings, my (nearly 5 year old) daughter suddenly said ‘’Mummy these should be called Unicorn Wings..! Unicorns HAVE wings, horse’s don’t!”  What a giggle, but she is so very true and hence the new name has been given.

She is already showing progress in sales and PR at only 4 ½ years old as she was busy selling and promoting goods at the recent Breckenbrough Horse Trials near Thirsk.  It might be time Mummy sat back a bit…..

Go on, these Unicorn Wings make fantastic birthday or Christmas gifts for the little ones. We hand-make all of these lovely products in our workshop, hence each colour combination is made to order.

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