The Hay Saver is saving you £££

The Hay Saver

This is one popular product with you guys right now.  Have you heard about The Hay Saver yet?  It is a safe plastic slow feeder which is manufactured in the UK, Yes!  It is designed for outdoor use to minimise hay wastage and promote healthy eating!  In a time where we are all saving a few pound, this really does seem to be helping with those greedy and wasteful eaters!

Key features regarding The Hay Saver:

  • It reduces hay wastage by up to 50%  versus feeding directly on the floor.
  • Suitable for use in the Field, stable, corral or pen.
  • Large enough for two or three horses.
  • Ideal for horses on restrictive diets
  • MASSIVE 250L Capacity! (Dimensions: 80cm x 110cm x 55cm Tall).
  • Made from TOUGH, frost resistant food grade plastic.
  • Encourages healthy eating patterns and allows horses to eat at a natural level.
  • Can help to prevent cribbing, ulcers, weaving, chewing, & feed aggression.
  • Safe for shod or unshod horses.

Read up on more information on our website HERE >>

Got a greedy creature? You can also add the Slow Grill option to minimise further waste and greed by this optional grill.

Available to purchase from our website and in-store at our manufacturing plant in Northallerton.

Our Brand Ambassador Laura Goodall recently reviewed The Hay Saver, see what she had to say about it.   Don’t forget, we love it when you share your new purchases with us, so why not tag us in on Facebook or Instagram, and share us your photos on your horses eating at the Hay Saver?

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