Quality is excellent

Quality is excellent

I bought 6 of your Pro Poles recently, I would like to let you know that I’m delighted with them. The quality is excellent and they came beautifully packaged and with a quick delivery.Many thanks.

Helen (Scotland)


Thank you Helen for your lovely words – Hope you have oodles of fun with them.

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Team JSW

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels or should we say let’s get wheeled away..!

Is it time your horse had their Meals on Wheels, I mean, look, have you tried these wheeled feed bins yet?  Feed room bit of a embarasing disaster? Then it’s time you really do give these a try.  Feedback from one very happy customer.

Ordered these in medium and large. They are wonderful and I would absolutely recommend them – my only small disappointment is that for me these only JUST hold one 15kg bag of chaff (Thunderbrook Herbal) and I was expecting more based on the description and the other reviews. However, still highly functional and best I’ve found on the market.”

Wonderful bins, and really eye catching at the yard. Several people have already asked about them and are planning to order their own. Each one holds 2 x 20kg bags exactly.’‘   verified user & customer Julia.


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After sales support 👍🏼

After sales support 👍🏼

Hi Emma & team,

I received the replacement lid for our hay saver today. Thank you so much for chasing this up. The cracked lid doesn’t affect our overall thoughts about the product. It’s an excellent addition to our horses field, keeping wastage to a minimum, which helps keep their field tidy too. Both our boys share it quite happily which might not be the case with a net!
Anyway, just wanted you to know that my wife and I really appreciated your after sales support 👍


Best wishes

Ray Johnstone
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Loving her Christmas presents

Loving her Christmas presents

My daughter Bethany having lots of fun with her jumps that she received for Christmas from her Grandparents Mr & Mrs Pollard.

Thank you JSW she absolutely loves them xx

Helen Trill


Excellent Service

Good Morning

I have just telephoned the office to thank you all so much for my order which I received first thing this morning.  This is outstanding service from both yourselves and the delivery company and I hope to purchase from you in the near future.

Thrilled to bits.


Portable Hay Soaker saves the day

Hi Guys,

Just a quick thank you for our hay soaker which has just arrived, so pleased with it and as we are currently having to soak hay for one of our horses in a bucket you can imagine the time and effort this hay soaker will save. I can’t believe how quickly it arrived, when you said 1-2 days delivery you kept to your word, although as the weather has been so awful I was expecting a delay in delivery. You have put a smile on my face today.

Kind Regards

Nancy Poulten

Secret Squirrel of the delivery driver

I am so happy with this little jump set it’s Christmas present for my 9 year old daughter and I know she’s going to love them the colours are bright and fun. From order to delivery it was very fast, I couldn’t believe it and the delivery driver was a supper star I was not there when they was being delivered.  It was left to my dad who was also watching my daughter at the time it was like mission impossible trying to get them off the lorry while she was in another building. The delivery driver was amazing and they even had to put some back on the lorry when she ran up the yard!! I am so great full for this, not everyone would care like that, but this driver did and kept my secret. I am gutted I can’t remember his name, he was amazing and a very good sport, so Father Christmas lives on in my house for another year
Thank you so much


Show Jump Set

Superb quality jumps

Dear JSW,

Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful jumps you supplied us, we are so pleased with them. Superb quality jumps, quick and efficient delivery.

I was also really impressed with the delivery driver he even closed the gate behind him while delivering.

Regards, Vicky Sandall

Sneaky Rainbow Poles

If you’re thinking of getting the rainbow poles, do it, they are so lovely. If you’ve been a bit ”add to basket” happy over lockdown and think your husband will moan about more horsey stuff, contact Emma. She will move heaven and earth to get your poles to you on a day he’s not home. Poles are in the arena, he hasn’t noticed (knew he wouldn’t but he would of noticed a delivery van) no moaning. Happy days.

Amy Hayward