Sister company, JSW Trailers are rocking the Cheval Liberte Touring Country Horse Trailer

Our sister company JSW Trailers is rocking this year with sales of the Cheval Liberte TOURING Country horse trailer –unlike the new Ifor Williams, this is the first to have not only front & rear ramp unloading horsebox with a large inbuilt tack cubicle but YES you still get your jockey door, but a generous sized one at that!

The saddle cubicle has two adjustable in height saddle brackets, and a storage basket (for bandages and brushes) and a floor tray making easy cleaning of wayward hay and sawdust.

The tack cubicle door has a mirror (perfect to check the tie pin or lipstick is in place!) and two elasticated storage nets.  The centrally hinged stall divider has a grilled head guard with a black pull-out blocking board, side wall paddings, kicking boards and a generous head space of 7ft6.  This trailer has taken the UK by storm and JSW (that’s us!) were the first (as ever!) to bring you this model, demand is high as many of you are part exchanging your Ifor Williams trailers for this exceptional horse transporter for a lot less than the Welsh brand (!)

Call us to find out when you can get this box on 01609 772449.

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