Show Jumps which come to you flat pack & in a Box!

Show Jumps which come to you flat pack & in a Box, and they are New & Exclusive here at JSW 4 Jumps.  Birthday’s and Christmas’s are solved! Looking for an easy to hide jump set before their big day?

We have the ultimate show jump set for you! This jump set comes to you in a BOX! – Yes in a box, for you to assemble and all in under 3 minutes flat – You don’t have to be good at DIY either!

The quality plastic Uprights screw together with ease and push into their bases. The uprights also make into your jumping pole and you can screw up to 6 for a 10ft pole (each section is 50cm).

Finished off with push in end caps making a professional finish. You can weigh the bases down with additional sand (never water) if desired.

The cups are plastic coated metal which simply slip over the upright and hold into position with the support of the pole… Our video shows they can be put together in less than two and a half minutes ……

Go on take a look, these jumps are already proving to be a favourable product by children too who love to jump (sometimes) without a horse!

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