Show Jumping Pole Manufacturer

Did you know we manufacture show jumping poles, and can offer the biggest colour combination selection in the UK?  Our poles start with the 10ft (3 m) Practice Pole which are perfect for the younger rider to lift and carry when a parent isn’t always available weighing in at around 6 kilo. They are one of our most popular jumping poles as we also offer them in our discounted jump sets.  We offer these poles in 5 band, 5 band 3-colour way and our funky 9 band colour combination. The difficult bit for our customers is choosing the colour combination!

Then we make the 10 ft Pro Poles which are a 100 mm diameter jumping pole in abundance of colour combinations, these weigh out at around 8.5 kilo.  We are now in the development of a heavy weighted jumping pole which will have a heavy wood insert and at present the weight is a whopping 15 kilogram plus, which will be perfect for any main occasion like your County Show, Gymkhana, Pony Club qualifier, Riding Centre’s event or even for home schooling.  Keep an watchful eye on our website for the launch of these heavy poles soon.

Take a look around our website for our pole range, we also make 4 ft training poles, 6 foot (1.8 m) stile poles too, and if you are looking for lightweight, cost effective poles then check out our 10ft 2 piece split poles.  Can be used full-length or split in half to create stile or skinny jump at 5 foot.  Gives riders a choice of mixing coloured halves for more colour variations.

Our plastic poles also can be left outside without absorbing water like wooden poles. They are also virtually maintenance free as there is no paining required.

Don’t forget what you are purchasing is manufactured in the UK. Help keep the British flag flying high!

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