ATV500T Hydraulic Tipping Trailer

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This is the latest necessity to come from the team at JFC.  The ATV500T Hydraulic Tipping Trailer is the popular ATV500 more demanding brother but with a simple hydraulic tip making poo-picking and disposing of a breeze.  With each horse producing on average between 8- 12 droppings per day with several horses that can soon add up to a time consuming and heavy job for one person.  So through customer demand JFC have designed the new ATV500T Hydraulic Tipping Trailer which is perfectly designed with two 4 Ply off road tyres and a heavy duty galvanised frame to ensuring the trailer is suited to harsh off road terrain.

This trailer is also perfect for any land estate, forestry or zoo even, where off-road terrain is travelled over on a daily basis.

The Key Features:
• Reinforced heavy duty galvanized chassis.
• Suitable for heavy loads up to 500kg.
• Tough & durable polyethylene body.
• Protective steel plate on front lip of body prevents damage on impact.
• Hydraulic tipping mechanism for tipping of loads (load capacity 500KG).
• Strengthened rugged axle complete with 4 Ply off road tyres and mud guards.
• Fitted with a lever ball hitch.

12v Hydraulic power pack specifications.
• Fused at 60A.
• 800W Motor.
• 145 Bar Pressure.
• Working Load of 500KG.
• 2 Litre oil capacity.

The connection to the ATV battery is with 2 x 8mm ring terminals, and the connection to the trailer is an Anderson connector.

  • Pan body is black
  • Dimensions (mm) – 2195L x 1364W x 966H
  • Capacity 500KG. Weight – 120KG

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PLEASE NOTE: That due to the size of this product, it will be delivered on an oversized pallet, via a pallet line transport company.  Hence, please advise if you have any vehicle restrictions and advise on where the pallet can be left, if not in.  Due to demand order time is approx.  3-4weeks from date of order.

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