Portable Hay Soaker on Castors

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The Portable Hay Soaker on Castors, we have have found it one of the best, cost effective and most sizeable portable hay soakers on the UK market. The Portable Hay Soaker on Castors is an ideal mobile feed or hay drencher for Horses, Cattle & Llama’s hence even idea for the small holders or animal zoo’s.   This push around mobile hay soaker or feeder is ideal for your stable block or fold yard.
The portable unit is on heavy duty castors and has a powder coated steel frame, in matching colour to the durable plastic pan body, this trolley is perfect for the equine yard or agri-yard whilst feeding up the calves and other farm stock.
The body is easily removable from the trolley, if required and the pan has drain plug for cleaning purposes.
Some horse owners soak their hay to reduce the amount of sugars, or non-structural carbohydrates (NSC), in the forage. Horses that require a low-sugar diet, such as those with Laminitis or insulin resistance, might benefit from soaked hay. In addition to removing sugars, soaking also reduces some minerals, making this soaker the perfect container.
Soaker Specification:
  • External Dims: 1040 x 730 x 845mm including frame
  • Internal Tank dims: 940 x 640 x 610mm
  • 300 to 370ltr capacity max
  • has a large capacity and will take ½ to ¾ of a bale or 2 extra-large hay nets.
  • The wheels are rubber-tyred and roll across any ground easily, 2 are also braked to avoid issues with the soaker rolling while in use.
  • drain plug as shown
  • durable castors load bearing up to 150kg
  • Recommendation is not to over fill the tank, maximum 2/3rds full, and as a guide we recommend that you carry a max of 2 soaked hay net’s, or 3-4 un-soaked hay net’s depending on size.
  • Recommended to drain the tank during extreeme cold weather conditions.

The Portable Hay Soaker’s Lid is an optional piece.  This is NOT a hinged or lid which fasteners on to the pan body. The lid to sit on the top of the soaker, keeping out unwanted nosey guests. With a lip right around this lid comfortably sits on the top of the soaker.

A bit about Laminitis:  Laminitis is a crippling condition which can be fatal in severe cases. Once a horse has had an episode of laminitis, they are particularly susceptible to future episodes. Laminitis can be managed but not cured which is why prevention is so important.  What not to feed a horse with laminitis?   Ideally, feeds for laminitic horses should have a sugar and starch level of less than 12%.

Please note: Due to the size of this item the unit may be sent on a pallet delivery service approx. 2-5 working days from dispatch. Order time can be between 3-14 working days due to popular demand.
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Classic Showjumps
Weight35 kg
Item Colour

Blue, Forest Green, Lid (Optional) – Blue, Lid (Optional) – Forest Green, Lid (optional) – Navy, Lid (Optional) – Pink, Lid (optional) – Red, Navy, Pink, Red, Soaker – Blue, Soaker – Forest Green, Soaker – Navy, Soaker – Pink, Soaker – Red

6 reviews for Portable Hay Soaker on Castors

  1. Trudi Martin (verified owner)

    I received my Hay Soaker a couple of weeks ago and my life has become so much easier – it is the perfect size for my neds – easy to use and keep clean. really like the fact that along with the matching lid – it looks both smart and functional. A great purchase and worthwhile piece of equipment for any yard.
    Thank you for super service

  2. Mrs L J Atack (verified owner)

    Game changer for me! No more lifting and carrying heavy nets. Soak. Drain. Wheel to stable. Hang.

  3. Heather Ashley (verified owner)

    Does the job – needs more sturdy plug and chain and if had a handle to help push it around would get 4 stars.

    • emma watkinson

      Hi Heather, this has now been updated from the manufacturer since your review, as we put your comments to them and they have now improved it 🙂 all the very best & thank you

  4. Caroline Ingham (verified owner)

    Really great product. Does what it says on the tin!

  5. Belinda Jacques (verified owner)

    Lives up to my expectations. One small thing which could be improved is the flimsy chain which attaches to the plug. Mine lasted about 2 x days. Apart from that, fab product

  6. Emma

    Hi Emma,
    The hay soaker was a god send and a talking point around the yard….usually along the lines of “was I collecting the laundry?” as I pushed it around! But what a difference it made to my day I have to say!
    Anyway handy though it was I can’t deny I’m happy to be onto haylage now so it’s retired for the winter, it would be great to store all my heavy rugs in too!!
    Thanks for your help.
    Regards Fay

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