Hay Hutch – Mini

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The Hay Hutch – Mini.  You may already heard of this or even used this clever feeding container, if not, let’s tell you more and help save you some money when it comes to wasting hay.

The Hay Hutch – Mini is specially designed for stables (and popular used with pet rabbits especially!) has two apertures, and holds 0.25 bale.  Constructed from hard wearing rotational moulded plastic which is a superior form of plastic.  Finished in forest green, this field feeder blends nicely into the countryside surroundings.

Product Details:   Hay Hutch – this is the mini one!   The Mini Hay Hutch unit is approximately 720mm diameter at the base and 550mm tall.  The feed apertures are approximately 292mm (11.5″) in diameter.  It is conical so that, should it get knocked over, it should not roll away.


  • Small bale = 0.25 bale;
  • Low density fodder = 16lb / 7.25kg;
  • High density fodder = 18lb / 8kg
  • Weight: 6.5kg
  • Optional Hay net available for this hutch (see under the video for details)

Lid attachment:  There are four lugs which must be aligned with four matching recesses underneath the lid rim to remove the lid.  There are protrusions on the lid and the body which, when aligned,  mean that the lugs and the  recesses are matched up for release.

For naughty horses: The Lock Bolt
Very occasionally, a persistent, “naughty” horse can learns to rotate the lid and remove it.   If this is a problem, use the special the Lock Bolt (supplied).  Attach the lid and rotate until the Lock Bolt hole lines up with the embossed arrow.  Insert the Lock Bolt and tighten.

HAY NET OPTION: The nets are specially designed for each Hay Hutch size. Unless you have ordered a pre-drilled Hay Hutch, you will need a drill and about 20 minutes of your time to assemble the net.  Download fitting instructions HERE.

If your horse exerts its frustration by toppling the Hay Hutch, try putting a large brick or block in the bottom. In more extreme cases, fix the Hay-Hutch to a rubber mat. See FAQs.

Please note: This is an adaptation of the basic “Hay Hutch technique”. The net will slow down consumption and reduce spillage but greater management of the hay might be required as horses may no longer able to reach all of the way to the middle of the Hay Hutch. You might need to fill more frequently and shove the middle hay outwards. You should still keep your hay in good order and save money and time overall.

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Hay Hutch

Weight25 kg

Haynet for Mini Hutch, Standard Hutch no Haynet, Pre-Drilled Hutch to take Haynet


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