BOXFRESH Detergent

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Boxfresh Detergent is a multipurpose STABLE CLEANER which is ideal for stall mats and hard surfaces.  A busy stable has travelling horses most days of the week, to and from the races, so it is imperative that the horsebox is always clean and tidy. This excellent cleaner makes it simple and easy to keep the horsebox in a clean and fresh condition.

The Box Fresh detergent dispensing bottle is a precision system which ensures a correct and constant measure is used by every user.  A pine based detergent concentrate with excellent cleaning properties that cleans and deodorise leaving a pine fresh aroma after use.   Suitable for use on most hard surfaces in stables, horseboxes, stall mats, floors, walls, doors, worktops, ceramics and paintwork.

  • 1 litre  bottle

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Notes of importance: Travelling with your horse around the country to various equine events, always make sure that your horsebox or the box you have rented has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after use.  Any vehicle used to transport animals should be cleaned and disinfected in between each use, especially if the horsebox is on hire.

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AGMA Cleaning Products

AGMA Ltd are BS EN ISO 9001:2015 certified; manufacture to GMP standards and specialise in the formulation of cleaning and biocidal solutions for a broad range of professional uses from Pharmaceutical Clean rooms in Europe to Oil Companies in Mexico & Malaysia.

AGMA Stablemate Cleaning & Re-odourant products are for the Equine Professional like your horsebox and trailer as well as your stable - JSW 4 Jumps Ltd stocks AGMA cleaning products to help eradicate the spread of viruses such as Strangles.

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