450gal Circular Fast Fill Water Trough

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The JFC 450 gal Circular Fast Fill Water Trough (2046L/450 Gal) is a premium water trough is manufactured from tough, impact resistant polyethylene and has a smooth black polished finish designed specifically for animal safety. The trough features an easy to access service lid and is fitted with a fast-fill float valve, capable of delivering up to 75L/min at 3 bar pressure. 

This trough has smooth tapered sides that are designed to limit badger access and its round shape means that cows have 360 degree access to the water. The DT450FF comes fitted with a drain off bung to make moving and cleaning quick and easy and is ideal for rotational grazing 

Key Features: 

  • Fitted with a fast flow float valve, capable of up to 75L/min at 3 bar pressure (¾ inch connection).

  • Valve protected with an easy access compartment for servicing.

  • Manufactured from tough, frost and U.V resistant polyethylene.

  • Large capacity holds sufficient water for large herds

  • Fitted with a drain off for easy emptying and cleaning.

  • Design limits badger access.

  • Provide your livestock with fresh, clean and easily accessible drinking water.

  • Will withstand extreme climate conditions ensuring long life span.

  • Easy to transport and move around, ideal for rotational grazing.

  • Fully adjustable & accessible valves that comply with water safety regulations.

  • Smooth non porous surfaces mean the trough is easy to clean and biosecurity friendly.

  • One of the only drinkers which keeps badgers out to reduce the spread of TB.

  • A hardcore standing should be laid not less than 2m wide around the trough to prevent poaching.

These fast fill drinkers have been frequented at the racecourses to cool down racehorses after each race.  The fast fill device makes a super large water cooler as well as a drinker for equestrian and farm livestock alike.

We have a fantastic range of different field and stable feeders to suit every horse.  Have you seen our range?

Please note: Due to the volumetric size of this item the unit will be sent on a pallet, and delivery is approx. 2-3 working days from day of dispatch. Please ensure you have vehicular access for wagons from 7.5ton to HGV for deliveries. If unsure please ring the office prior to ordering or add these details to the info box at checkout.

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JFC Equine

A family-owned business, JFC Manufacturing Co. Ltd. was set up in 1987 in Tuam, Co. Galway to supply specialised plastic products to the agricultural industry.

The equine products such as stable feeders and drinkers as well as the infamous wheelbarrow range are stocked with ourselves.

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