37. JSWs UltiMulti Pro Spread

£185.00 inc. VAT

37.  JSWs UltiMulti Pro Spread jump set is a take on our very popular 02. JSW Basic Practice Jump, but have given you the upgrade with this set being the 10ft Pro. Poles and in the fancy 9 band colour combination too.

As ever these small jump sets are perfect package for any Christmas or birthday gift, as they are simple but yet very popular.  We love to give you the option to choose your colour combinations, making it easy for a quicker dispatch. Beware, the popularity of these jump sets do sell out at Christmas.

In this set we have:

All out jumps are manufactured of long lasting polymers (plastics) and will last you for many years to come.  Plastic show jumps are an investment and we have hundreds of customers topping up their collection every year.

Of course 95% of our jumps are BRITISH MADE, this set is no exception as it is 100% British Made, and we hope you love it too!

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JSWs Ultimulti Jump Block

NEW PRODUCT - The Ultimulti Jump Block (pair) - Grab the latest practice block to hit the UK market - British Made too!


10ft 9 Band Pro Showjump Pole × 3

10ft Professional Jumping Poles - 9-Band colour way - The perfect medium weight jumping pole - The 10ft (3m) Pro. Pole

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Weight50 kg

JSWs Ultimulti Jump Block


Black, Pink, Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Lime Green, Forest Green, Baby Blue, White Marble

10ft 9 Band Pro Showjump Pole


Red-Yellow-Blue, Rainbow, Baby Blue-White-Pink, Blue-White-red, Purple-White-Pink, Black-Yellow-Red, Yellow-White-Black, Black-Pink-Black, Pink-Black-Pink, Yellow-Forest-Lime, Purple-White-Yellow, Pink-White-Lime, Blue-White-Yellow, Baby Blue-White-Yellow, Blue-White-Blue, Purple-Yellow-Baby Blue, Black-White-Black, Pink-Purple-Silver Grey, Lime-White-Forest-Black


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