23. The Kensington Advanced Pack

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No. 23 The Kensington Advanced Pack is an excellent mix of professional Show Jumping wings which is made up of: 7 pairs of show jump wings, with a mix of Kensington Picket and Kensington Euro (vertical) wings, a parallel spread using Kensington Rigid uprights, and two further spread wings of Kensington uprights as back wings, including the cups with back-plate adaptors.  A perfect set for small County Show events.
We have also changed this set to carry the wood filler Pro. Poles (plastic wood filled poles) as many of you all want the heavy weight poles to this set. 
Currently the set will comprise of: 
  • 5 pairs 6′ Picket Wings, various colours, poles & fillers will match
  • 1 pair 6′ Brush Wings with brush fillers to match
  • 1 pairs 6′ Euro Wings, with the three planks to co-match
  • 4 pairs 6′ Kensington Cross foot Uprights, to match poles
  • 21 x Wood Filled Pro Poles 10′ x 4″ (3m x 10cm) in a mix of colours and banded stripes.
  • 1 x Hanging Filler 10′ x 1’8″ (3m x 51cm), with graphics fitted to both faces
  • 1 pair Picket Fluted Standing Fillers
  • 2 x Brush Fence Standing Fillers to match the brush wings
  • 3 x Planks 10′ x 9″  (3m x 23cm), with the graphics fitted to both faces
  • 2 x Bridge / Viaduct wall Fillers which are free standing, with brick wall graphics fitted to both faces
  • 1 x 10′ x 2’6″ (3m x 76cm) Hanging Fluted filler
  • 26 x FEI competition cups
  • The above will include pre-cut wings for use of FEI Competition Cups and Adaptor Cups
 We currently have ONE set available in this colour (slight amendments)
  1. Bridge Wings: Red & white wings with Red Rumbled brick wall both faces of bridge fillers – Poles red & white
  2. Plank Wing: Blue & Orange wings with Blue & Orange chequers and New Triangles 
  3. Hanging Filler Wing: Red, yellow & blue wings, red cross foot upright, with Blue & Yellow Mosaic and Wave Illusion – Poles Yellow, blue & red
  4. Fluted Filler: Purple & Yellow Wings with purple & Yellow 2 piece fluted fillers – Poles Yellow & Purple
  5. Gate is replaced with White & Lime hanging Fluted filler with White Picket wings – Pole white.
  6. Brush wings purple with green brush, Brush Fillers in Purple with green brush – Poles Pink & Purple
  7. Red & Black Wings, Red cross foot uprights with series of five Red & Black poles.
  8.  2prs Silver Cross Foot upright wings with five Silver, Yellow & Orange poles
Please note, at present the fascia wings and the gate are not available, and in stock are various coloured wings
If you would like to choose from our list of graphics then please contact us, otherwise we are happy to help create this jump set with the latest funky designs and will co-match the fillers with the poles. As ever we will help you every step of the way, JSW is the house of techni-colour. 
Please note: Due to the nature of this product carriage charges will be quoted on receipt of your order or prior -please call for a delivery quotation with your postcode – this order usually consists of approx. 3-4 large pallets and will require fork-lift or similar to unload from curtain side HGV – please ensure a HGV vehicle can access your property with ease and staff are on hand to help with unloading.

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JSW is not only proud but is the only UK stock holder of Polyjumps showjumps, we are now manufacturing Poles, Planks, Fillers Wings etc under now under the JSW brand name.

Polyjumps is a brand name synonymous in the show jumping industry as being one of the very first manufacturers to product plastic, low maintenance and easy to use schooling show jumps blocks, like the Multi Jump. But its not all about the practice jump blocks, JSW 4 Jumps Ltd have been Poly jumps largest UK stockholder for more than 20 years. We have co-designed many products and ideas together with Poly jumps.

As from early November 2019, the Polyjumps name is now under new ownership. JSW 4 Jumps Ltd are now manufacturing the professional jump range like Kensington wings, planks, fillers, uprights, dressage arena kits, jumping poles etc.

Polyjumps with JSW 4 Jumps Ltd provide a comprehensive range of showjumping equipment, accessories and training aids.

Production recommenced this year (2020) with the new owners taking over the Polyjump brand. There will be lots of new developments as we partner with Polyjumps to design and develop exciting new products. As a result we will be able to bring you an even bigger range.

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If you are looking for a range of schooling jumps for immediate use then look no further! At JSW4jumps you will be able to find a host of  popular equestrian products.  Multi Jump Blocks, Parallel Blocks, 8 Cup Integral Wings, Hedgehog blocks, and the impressive Combi Blocks . We also have bulky fillers such as the Bridge  / Viaduct  / Puissance wall all under one roof as we are the only UK stockist to date.

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