FEI Cup & Adapter (pair) approved

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The FEI Cup and Adapter (pair) is an approved safety jump cup for major and top equestrian events held in and around the UK.  This type of cup,  came mandatory in 2005 and all events abiding by Governing bodies must use this cup at their events.

The FEI Cup & Adapter (pair) approved cup set which we stock is a branded cup, cheap copies can be found elsewhere but the Safety System brand has been through approvals. These nylon cups meets the demands of the FEI body approval.

  • This cup will break through the back plate upon impact for safety, due to its metal internal runner and the metal lug on the back of the cup.
  • Reverse the cup for gate and plank (square edge end fittings) the nylon material makes the cup strong.
  • Price is for a per pair of cups, which will carry one pole for example, with the breakaway adapter back plate (4 pieces in total = 2 cups & 2 adapter plates)

This has been mandatory since 2005, it is advisable to use branded cups to cover yourself on insurance by using these for your competitions.   Safety Jump cups for the use with key track on your show jump wings and spreads.  We do sell the Safety cup without the back plates., if desired.

PLEASE READ: The steel re-enforcement in all of these the cups, please note these are NOT interchangeable with other brands of safety-cup. If it does NOT read ”Safety-System” on the cup then it’s NOT a Safety System cup. We do not offer the cheap copies which are not official and non tested.
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