Pole Tidy Tops (pair)

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Our Pole Tidy Tops (pair) are a brilliant device to keep all your poles looking like new and in one place.
No more dangerous piles of poles laying around your yard or school, getting dirty or damaged if you use our pole tidy.
The ingenious design means you can stack your poles up but always be able to take out which ever colour you want – they just pull out from one end.
  • Can be used with either your plastic or wooden poles.
This is for a pair of the TOPS, they simply slot into the grommet of the base and yes you need a pair of BASES to start with, then stack up to as many as five pairs of tops to store & carry your poles.
Perfect for wooden poles keeping them elevated from absorbing moisture from the ground.
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Classic Showjumps



Classic Show Jumps

Classic Show Jumps is a leading brand name synonymous with being the UK's premier manufacturer of Mounting Blocks.  From portable to heavy sturdy step blocks such as the 1-step to the gigantic 4-step mounting block,  all low in maintenance and easy to use.

Classic's also manufacture schooling wings blocks, Pole Tidies, Jumpkins, Tack and Feed Storage solutions and their very own stable hay feeder.  JSW 4 Jumps Ltd has been Classic Show Jumps largest UK stockholder for more than 17+ years, and were one of the UK's first to see great potentials with working with this British Manufacturer.

Classic Showjumps
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