10ft 9 Band Pro Showjump Pole

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10ft 9 Band Pro Showjump Pole is one of our most popular show jumping poles. This range has the biggest colour and craziest colour choices around. Our professional poles are easy to handle and lift and saves the onslaught of lifting the old wooden poles.
Our plastic poles also can be left outside without absorbing water like wooden poles. They are also virtually maintenance free as there is no paining required!
This popular pole is 10foot (3 meter) x 4 inch (100 mm) diameter and manufactured to BSJA sizing. They are ideal for jumping 3 foot (1 meter) and above. Our 10ft 9 Band Pro Showjump Poles are manufactured in one full length, and are manufactured in polymers, and is double thickness, but hollow.
We live in techni-colour here at JSW and have some smashing colour combinations. So which will you choose?  Or are these to jazzy for you?  Then we do our traditional 5 band Pro Poles
Our medium weight pole is a weight of approx. 7-8 kilogram each.
These poles look great with our Ulti Multi Jump Blocks and our 11 Cup Jump Wings, go take a look!
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Please note that the order of the colour combination listed is not necessary the order of how the colour will be portrayed, but will be a mix of the colours ordered. If you prefer a distinctive colour way combination, please call us prior to ordering on-line we will endeavour to do our best.
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Weight12 kg
Dimensions3000 x 100 cm

Orange-White-Blue, Yellow-white-lime, Black-White-Yellow, Black-Lime-Black, Red-Yellow-Blue, Purple-White-Purple, Lime-Black-Lime, Brown-White-Brown, Rainbow, Yellow-White-Blue, Orange-Black-Orange, Black-Orange-Black, Baby Blue-White-Pink, Blue-White-red, Purple-White-Pink, Forest-White-Forest, Black-Yellow-Red, Yellow-White-Black, Purple-White-Orange, Black-Pink-Black, Pink-Black-Pink, Yellow-Forest-Lime, Purple-White-Yellow, Pink-White-Lime, Blue-White-Yellow, Baby Blue-White-Yellow, Blue-White-Blue, Purple-Yellow-Baby Blue, Black-White-Black, Pink-Purple-Silver Grey, Lime-White-Forest-Black, Blue-White-Orange, Lime-White-Purple, Red-White-Red, Black-White-Lime, Pink-Brown-Pink, Brown-White-Pink, Brown-Forest-Brown, White-Red-White, Orange-White-Orange, Lime-White-Lime, Pink-White-Pink, White-Black-White, Silver Grey-White-Black, Baby Blue-White-Purple, Baby Blue-White-Baby Blue, Berry-White-Berry, Berry-Yellow-Red, Yellow-White-Yellow


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