10ft 5 band Wood Filled Pole

£45.00 inc. VAT

Our 10ft 5 band Wood Filled Pole has a wood inner core giving you additional weight to those who require it.  As ever we have the biggest colour choices around.  Our 10ft 5 band Wood Filled Poles are of a good substantial weight, but still easy enough to handle.
With having a wood core, we do advise to store these poles off the ground as the wood core can still absorb water and swell.  They are also virtually maintenance free as there is no paining required!
This pole is 10foot (3 meter) x 4 inch (100 mm) diameter and manufactured to BSJA sizing, but not ruling. The 10foot 5 band wood filled Show jump Poles are manufactured in one full length, and are manufactured in polymers with a quality wooden inner core.  Our Poles weigh out at approx. 12.5kilo
As ever, we live in techni-colour here at JSW and have some smashing colour combinations. So which will you choose?  Did you know we make all our poles in-house? These poles also look and work well with our Kensington Picket Wings
Please note the first colour on the drop list does not necessary mean that this is the first colour in the sequence.  Priced per pole.
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