Hanging Jump Filler / Banner – perfect for training

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More than just jump filler! These fantastic Jump and Training Banners encourage diversity in schooling.

  • Not only can they be used as colourful hanging filler, they can be used to practice a ditch or water tray, create a narrow corridor to pass through or introduce a surface change to step over.
  • The more horse and rider are exposed to in the controlled environment of the school the better equipped they will be when meeting a similar situation outside – a narrow gateway while out hacking, spooky ringside banners etc.
  • Educate your horse about potentially difficult situations and obstacles while training in the safety of your own home.
  • Turn your schooling space into an equine playground with colourful panels, The more exposure you and your horse have to different situations the better equipped you will be for all activities.
  • Simply slide the banner over a 3mtr (10ft) hanging jump pole at the top and one at the base to allow the filler to hang and not flap in the wind.
  • Easy to roll up and store away when not in use!
  • Portable jumping banner at 70cm
  • End of line product
  • Quality material



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Weight 5 kg

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