Bridge Filler Graphics

£25.00 inc. VAT

We have a super special offer on Bridge Filler Graphics  for self application. Last few remaining and will not be repeated. This is for your original Poly Jump Standing Bridge Filler which you may want to refresh.

Price is per one graphic to cover one face of your bridge, and the graphics are a laminated adhesive vinyl.  Please note that these  graphics will not adhere onto wood and we cannot guarantee are universal for any other branded plastic show jump.

How to apply: Firstly lay flat your bridge, Always ensure the surface is debris free and cleaned down with a diluted mentholated spirit using a lint free cloth and the face of your bridge is clear of scratches as we do not guarantee clean adhesion to the surfaces.  Ensure you line up your graphic on your filler by using low tack masking tape, and without taking off the vinyl backer. Once lined up, pull back the backing of the graphic, and add a spray of water (house plant water sprayer works well).  Slowly adhere your design onto your filler, pressing down with a old credit card covered with a lint free cloth. Pushing out any air bubbles. Do not keep pulling the graphic on/off the filler as you can stretch the graphic out of shape. Once adhered on, you may need to trim to finish. Leave the filler in a warm area for 24/36  hrs to adhere. Helpful fitting instructions will be included.  Have patience, but most of all have fun!

No refund on graphics.

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Polyjumps Equestrian Products

JSW has been the UK biggest stock holder and retailer of Polyjumps show jumps for over 20years, and for the last few years we have been manufacturing Poles, Planks, Fillers etc under under the JSW brand name after the company went into receivership.

We co-designed and brought to you many products with the previous Poly Jump company. We strongly encouraged them to bring out colours such as pink and purple to the equestrian market which started an equine world-wide trend.

JSW 4 Jumps now manufactures the original professional jump range like the the Kensington and Addington wings as well as jumping poles, planks, fillers, upright wings, as well as the dressage kits, which you may have all used over the years.

Production recommenced in 2020 with the new owners taking over the Polyjump brand.  Bookmark this website to keep you up to date or subscribe to our e-newsletter.

Weight2 kg

Cotswold Stone, Harlequin, Red Bricks, Rumbled Blue Bricks, Rumbled Brown Bricks, Rumbled Red Bricks


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