10ft Hanging Gate Ladder

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We are always striving to bring you interesting fillers and sometimes the simplest are the best, so our 10ft Hanging Gate Ladder measures at a cool 3m x 40cm deep which is approx. 10ft x 16 inches.
The 10ft Hanging Gate Ladder comes with a coloured outer frame and contrasting inner tubes this filler is adding colour to your jumping circles.
The top rail has a wooden core adding extra weight so relax, this is not a hollow super lightweight filler it still light enough for a youngster to handle by themselves.
This hanging filler is suitable for someones first obstacle as well as the experienced.
This filler will hang on any type of cups you have.  We do a fabulous range of show jumping fillers and obstacles , have you had a good look?
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Safety Systems

Weight13 kg
Dimensions3000 x 530 cm

Purple Frame – Pink Flutes, Pink Frame – Silver Flutes, Blue Frame – White Flutes


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