EQ3 Circular Floor Feeder SECONDS

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SECONDS – Slight damage to the side of the bowl – see photo
The JFC EQ3 Circular Floor Feeder is a heavy duty non tip food bowl designed for unruly horses who like to play with their feed and water buckets. The JFC EQ3 Circular Floor Feeder allows the horse to feed in a natural grazing position which slow feeds consumption, reduces irritants and thereby improves nutrition.
The circular floor feeder is designed with an outer rim to allow you to stabilise it with sand which prevents tipping.
The internal compartment can be filled with sand to provide additional weight, if required making it more difficult to overturn by the naughty horse!
  • Capacity 15 litre
Dimensions: (please note this floor feeder is quite large)
  • 71cm dia. base (28″)
  • 36cm dia. Bowl (14″)
  • 26cm dia. height (10″)
ADVICE: During the cooler months it can be difficult to get enough fresh water into your horse especially after exercise. Adding warm water to your horses feed can be a really useful way to ensure that they get the nutrition and hydration they need. Using the JFC Equine ‘s EQ3 it is quick and simple to do this as it can be mixed directly into the feeder and given to the horse.
We have a fantastic range of different field and stable feeders to suit every horse.  Have you seen our range?
Still very much fit for purpose, but there is no refund or return on a Factory Clearance/Seconds item.
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JFC Equine

A family-owned business, JFC Manufacturing Co. Ltd. was set up in 1987 in Tuam, Co. Galway to supply specialised plastic products to the agricultural industry.

The equine products such as stable feeders and drinkers as well as the infamous wheelbarrow range are stocked with ourselves.

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