Dressage Arena Banner

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Dressage Arena Banner is an introduction to dressage.  Let’s make learning your dressage fun with the help of the Dressage Arena Banner as it is laid out in a diagram.  It is designed for the youngsters, newbie’s or just those who need get it right into the world of dressage by making it more understandable and fun!

With easy to read letters in both upper and lower case with animals to help, this is a fun way of learning tests without the pony,  either on foot or perhaps hobbyhorse! Hoof prints mark out diagonals and circles to help children understand where to go.

The Arena floor mat is 1m wide and 2m long and is printed onto banner vinyl, therefore it can be rolled up and stored in the tube provided.  Taking it a step further?  We’ve Dressage Markers and more

Let’s make dressage fun and rewarding so how about this excellent intro price from us at JSW 4 Jumps at only £19.99 – Normal price is £22.99!! Let’s make dressage fun!

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