Competition Cups (pair)

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The Competition Cup (pair) which are used with the either plastic or metal key track and are distinctive in a cream colour.  Also known as Keyhole Cups, these Competition Cups (pair) are FEI approved and are certified for major competitions and events, but are also popular used for home use or small county shows

Please note if you purchase the back plates (which are optional to the cups) please ensure it is the Safety System brand that we sell as the cups & back plates are designed together & will NOT fit any other branded or non branded, non certified cups. Please do not mix & match different brands of cups to plates as each manufacturer have made unique fittings!

Full FEI approval cup, if using the back plate, back plates are extra , please see listing; will break through upon impact for safety, due to its metal internal runner (on the plate) and with the metal lug on the back of the cup.

Safety Jump cups for the use with key track on your show jump wings and spreads, they will fit on plastic or metal key track.

The price is per pair of CUPS, Not each as some may list, again these cups are rich cream in colour.

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