DBL3 Stable Corner Drinker

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The JFC DBL3 Stable Corner Drinker is a stable water supply drinker which will save you from carrying the heavy buckets!   With such busy lives, we all like to save time and labour! The JFC DBL3 Stable Corner Drinker is to connect to your header tank or water supply for constant supply of clean fresh water.
The large reservoir capacity bowl is fitted with a float valve and drain-off plug.  Valve protected within plastic housing and two mounting points for secure fitting to your shed or stable corner.
* Compliance with UK water by-laws regulations require the drink bowl to be connected with a supply from a breaker or header tank *
  • Fitted with 1/2″ Opella (plastic) valve, capable of up to 5L/min at 3 bar pressure (1/2″ connection).

  • Refills in 4 minutes 24 seconds at 3 bar pressure.

  • 4 mounting points for secure fitting into corner.

  • Fits neatly into corner to maximise space in the shed or stable.

  • Manufactured from tough and frost resistant polyethylene.

  • Polyethylene maintains a corrosion free lifetime.

  • Built in drain-off plug (25mm).

  • Rear water connection for animal safety.

  • Provide livestock with fresh, clean and easily accessible drinking water.

  • Impact resistant and capable of withstanding aggressive use.

  • Suitable for internal and external use.

  • Fully adjustable and accessible valve that complies with water safety regulations.

  • Smooth finish and curved design aides easy cleaning and disinfection.

  • OPTIONAL:  1/2″ braded hose (approx. 12″ / 300mm long) with elbow, for ease of fitting to a corner for the water supply (advisable).
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JFC Equine

A family-owned business, JFC Manufacturing Co. Ltd. was set up in 1987 in Tuam, Co. Galway to supply specialised plastic products to the agricultural industry.

The equine products such as stable feeders and drinkers as well as the infamous wheelbarrow range are stocked with ourselves.

Weight5 kg

green, blue, 1/2" braded hose for ease of fitting


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