VET CLING – An amazing 50mtr Roll ! – All purpose adhesive-free wrap

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We are pleased to have been the first UK stockist and retailer to bring you ‘VET CLING’ ….. (was formally known as ‘That Stretchy Stuff’

What on earth is it I hear you say..?  ‘VET CLING’ is an all purpose adhesive free wrap that sticks to itself. It has so many uses, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

Our main interest in this product is that is it perfect for wrapping horses tails for travelling – no more mucked up wrap you have to wash when you get home (!)… or how about instantly re-vamping you old bland jumping poles with an instant stripe!…or freshen up those tired jump wings with instant colour..!… Every tack box should have a roll

The more you use it, the more you’ll love it. ‘VET CLING’  is lightweight, compact and easy to store. You can keep it in a kitchen drawer, a tool box, garden shed, car or stable tack room. With over 50m per roll, it is great value for money too!

It is super light for carrying with you and is fully recyclable so good for the environment too.

“I really like using VET CLING for the stud-work that we do. It’s really useful. It keeps the tail out of the way, keeps it clean, its very cost effective as you only use a small amount and works out a lot cheaper than alternatives we have used” – Alison Walters BVSc MRCVS Hambleton Vets

Vet Cling’s ability to make bandages water-tight, secure ice packs and wrap tails for injections or examinations means it’s found favour with Hambleton Equine Clinic.  Bishop Burton College recommends it for poulticing hooves when it can eliminate the need of bandaging while keeping dressings dry.

The wrap is 100% recyclable into other products, the plastic core is already a second-generation product and can be recycled again.    All packing is fully recyclable too! By using VET CLING you will be eliminating the need for energy-consuming washing of tail bandages/bags while also preventing chemicals from entering the water system. It can be easily disposed of in a recycling bin and can go on to live a useful life as another product, keeping waste out of land-fill.

PRICE IS PER ROLL – Go on it’s not expensive… add it to your basket and give it a go… you’ll be back for more very soon

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Vet Cling

A multi-purpose film wrap ideal for a wide variety of uses from poulticing, waterproofing bandages, sweating legs, securing ice packs, wrapping tails (over the tail bandage) or traveling. Also great for general quick fix stable yard repairs, re-vamping wood jumping poles and much more. Sticks to itself and not to the horse, leaves no adhesive residue. Easy to remove. Waterproof and lightweight. Thicker and stronger than conventional film wrap.

Weight0.35 kg

Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White, Wine, Yellow


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