Dressage Tall Towers 12 set

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The Dressage Tall Tower 12 set make any dressage arena the smartest about as they have what we call, a plant pot recess in the top to take your flowers.  The Dressage Tall Tower Markers stand out against any arena and have the Dressage digits to all four faces making it easy for them to be read at a distance

These dressage tall towers are available in sets of 12.  Gently stack the towers on each other for storage, and they have adhesive graphics to their four faces.

The towers measure 64cm in height with Top dimensions: 20 x 20cm and base dimensions 36 x 36cm

  • A set of 12 with vinyl digits on all four sides includes A B C E F H K M R S V P

These Dressage Marker Cones have a nice heavy weight quality feel about them. By adding flowers or shrubbery in their tops make a stunning set up.

If you are looking for a smaller set, then try our very own small dressage towers with the plant pot recess, as we can offer the JSW 8set dressage towers and the JSW 12set dressage towers.

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1 review for Dressage Tall Towers 12 set

  1. Lyn Willis-Fleming (verified owner)

    Sturdy and heavy enough not to blow over

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