Dressage Markers for 20 x 60 Arena

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Dressage Markers for a 20 x 60 Dressage Arena.  The 12 Set Tall Tower Markers are by the Polyjumps brand.  We are pleased to offer these fantastic and substantial tall Dressage Tower markers in a set of twelve and with the digits on all four faces.

Durable, free standing  and stackable, these towers are made in a polymer plastic and stand 68 cm tall x 40 cm wide.  Fully portable yet lightweight, and very easy to set into position at your event.  When not in use these towers can be gently stacked together for storage and transportation.

We would recommend,  is to place a light-weight film between each tower when stacked as the shiny new surface can vacuum together making it harder to part when required.

The Tall Towers are very popular with our 20 x 40 and our 20 x 60 dressage arenas.  The 12 with digits are on all four sides of each tower and includes: A B C E F H K M R S V P

We like these Dressage Marker Cones as they, like our own, are British Made, But if these are a wee bit pricey have you seen our very own  smaller Dressage Cone marker with a recess for a plant pot? We can offer the JSW 8set and the JSW 12set

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JSW is not only proud but is the only UK stock holder of Polyjumps showjumps, we are now manufacturing Poles, Planks, Fillers Wings etc under now under the JSW brand name.

Polyjumps is a brand name synonymous in the show jumping industry as being one of the very first manufacturers to product plastic, low maintenance and easy to use schooling show jumps blocks, like the Multi Jump. But its not all about the practice jump blocks, JSW 4 Jumps Ltd have been Poly jumps largest UK stockholder for more than 20 years. We have co-designed many products and ideas together with Poly jumps.

As from early November 2019, the Polyjumps name is now under new ownership. JSW 4 Jumps Ltd are now manufacturing the professional jump range like Kensington wings, planks, fillers, uprights, dressage arena kits, jumping poles etc.

Polyjumps with JSW 4 Jumps Ltd provide a comprehensive range of showjumping equipment, accessories and training aids.

Production recommenced this year (2020) with the new owners taking over the Polyjump brand. There will be lots of new developments as we partner with Polyjumps to design and develop exciting new products. As a result we will be able to bring you an even bigger range.

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If you are looking for a range of schooling jumps for immediate use then look no further! At JSW4jumps you will be able to find a host of  popular equestrian products.  Multi Jump Blocks, Parallel Blocks, 8 Cup Integral Wings, Hedgehog blocks, and the impressive Combi Blocks . We also have bulky fillers such as the Bridge  / Viaduct  / Puissance wall all under one roof as we are the only UK stockist to date.

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