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Mi01 Sentry Trailer Tracker

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Sick of trailer theft and escallating insurance policies?

Sick of trailer theft and escallating insurance policies?  Then let’s introduce this fantastic Trailer Tracker device Mi01 Sentry, which you can track your trailer anywhere in the World!  YES!, that is right anywhere in the World!
This tracker device is also perfect if you hire out trailers on a daily or weekly basis and you want to keep a track on where they are in the country!  So whether you own one or multiple trailers, then this trailer tracking device is a must.
More about the Mi01 Sentry:
The Mi01 Sentry equips your asset with GPS, cell-site positioning and RF signal, for maximum after-theft effectiveness – whether placed underground, in a van, or trailer.

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Moving Intelligence



Moving Intelligence

Moving Intelligence prides itself on providing the very best in tracking solutions and customer service. Our Thatcham approved products provide discounts on insurance premiums. This means that these products have passed Thatcham's robust testing. Sick of loosing your trailer whether it your Horsebox, Plant Trailer or converted Coffe Bar? Then get in touch with us at JSW to have a smart tracker fitted to your asset.
Moving Intelligence


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