Fortress A Hitch Lock

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The Fortress A Hitch Lock was designed for the popular Ifor Williams Trailers using the Avonride head coupling.  The Fortress A Hitch Lock gives maximum security by completely covers the hitch head and bolts and makes it insurance approved.

This hitch lock also fits:

  • Knott Avonride hitch found on Ifor Williams Trailers and Ifor Williams horse boxes.
  • The AK351 found on many Brian James Trailers over 3.5 tonne trailers will also fit this hitch lock.
  • Knott Avonride (mostly found on Ifor Williams Trailers)
  • Al-ko AK350 Cast Head
  • Al-ko AK3500
  • Winterhoff WW200 Cast Head

Please note that the AK351 is very similar in appearance the the AL-KO AK301 hitch lock which fits the SAS Fortress B. Please check for the writing on the hitch for the model number to ensure you are choosing the correct hitch.

The Fortress A lock will fit to your trailer hitch whilst hitched or unhitched to your towing vehicle. This prevents, whilst in a car park or motorway service station, thieves separating the trailer from the car, because the hitch handle will be covered.

Features:  The maximum security ‘safe style’ lock on this hitch lock has twin hardened pins to lock. The Lock also has anti-drill protection to further increase security and deter thieves.

Hitch lock is made of tough steel, finished in Zinc pacifate, and painted bright red for maximum visual deterrent.

Compact and easily stored which makes it ideal for touring.

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SAS Security Products

In over 30 years of speaking to owners of trailers and caravans, SAS Security Products have developed solutions to fit your needs.

We work hard to bring deserved luxuries to our families and a caravan or motorhome is more than box on wheels, it is a home, a store of happy memories and a lifestyle.  As well as a trailer is more than just a transport device,  it is still the most flexible means available to transport bulky items and livestock from A to B by yourself. They know the important of the experiences you build in your caravan or the days you spend with your trailer behind you.

Unfortunately however, in today’s world, crime and theft continue to increase.  Hence the quality of SAS Security products are there to secure your precious purchases, including your new JSW Trailer.

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