NEW ! Dressage & Show Jumping Markers…. by us!

Back in store and by popular demand are the dressage arena indicators from the basic 8 & 12 set fence to the Elite 8 & 12 set markers, as well as the budget part enclosed arena’s which leads me into our very new and fabulous Dressage arena markers as well as some very posh show jumping markers in the form of our new mini tower with plant pot recess.

A free-standing mini tower measuring a height of 305mm (12”)w with a top circular recess to take your pretty flowers or grassy ferns are available now with the option of an 8-set Dressage marker set, a 12-set Dressage set or Show jumping marker set of 1 to 12, with 2 x A’s, 2 x B’s & 1 x C (a set of 15 towers) Also, we will be able to give you options of making your own set with a cost per cone – all with marker digit to one face.

Also on line due to popular request are vinyl graphics, which make perfect replacement graphics for your worn out dressage markers, all at 6” in height – we can now offer 8-set vinyl graphics and 12-set vinyl graphics.

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