Looking for a lot less waste have you tried the JFC Haybell?

Looking for a lot less waste, Have you tried the JFC Haybell?   On average horses consume 2.5% of their body weight each day in forage, in winter this forage is in most cases hay or haylage.  Feeding horses especially in groups can often be wasteful as it is trampled and rained on, so the horses refusing to eat it.  When uncovered forage is left wet bacteria will reproduce quickly, the introduction of bacteria in large numbers from unhygienic hay could cause changes to fermentation levels and ultimately cause metabolic disorders in the horse.

The JFC Horse Haybell is the ideal solution to prevent wastage and damage to the hay, covering it allows the horse to take what is required then leaving the remainder dry.


  • Designed to fit over a standard 5ft round bale.
  • Manufactured from robust polyethylene.
  • No metal components making it extremely safe for use with animals.
  • Designed with 4 feeding ports it enables 4 horses to feed simultaneously. 
  • Protects hay in all weather conditions and minimises wastage due to trampling or fouling.
  • Delivers superior nutrition retention by minimising nutrient loss from exposure to weather.
  • Easy to manoeuvre it allows flexible positioning in the paddock or field.

It’s not small at 1800mm dia. x 1500mm height

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