Looking after your plastic show jumps and fillers.  Plastic show jumps, poles and fillers are very hard wearing and easy to maintain. However, there are still things that you can do to ensure that they remain in good condition for as long as possible.

How to look after your poles

To get the best from your plastic poles keep out of direct sunlight and store flat after use. Do not stand them up against a building for example, as plastic can warp in the heat.  Our wood filled poles are made using a natural wood core, please allow for movement as the material can absorb moisture when damp and during dry months could be also drying out.
You may see some fading on colours if left outside in sunlight such as red, pink, brown for example. We do not recommend using Jumping poles as trotting poles, but this is entirely your own decision.

How to look after your wings:

To get the best from your plastic jump wings keep them out of direct sunlight. You will get some fading on some colours when left outside red, pink, brown for example. You can clean down your wings with hot water, detergent, a sponge and good old-fashioned elbow grease! We do not recommend using a pressure washer on fillers and wings with graphic designs on.

You will notice your moulded jump blocks MAY have a bung in them (not always).  For example, the Sloping Multi Jump blocks, Ulti Multi, and Parallel Blocks often do, this is a finishing bung only and is not to be removed, unless you requier a little base weight by adding a small amound of sand.  On the other hand, our 11-Cup Wings DO have a removable bung for you, if required, to add an extra base weight in the form of sand, but not water.  By adding water you may damage your moulded products if left out in the cold frosty winters as water expands in the cold causing the plastic to crack.

Planks, Fillers, Wings and any items with graphics:

Any fillers or items with graphics on, items such as the tower markers with digits on for example, after each use ensure the faces are clean of debris especially sand as if you stack the tower markers otherwise this can scratch the digits, Freshly adhered graphics to our fillers will require a minimum of 48 hours to ensure adhesion before use.

Any equine activity by the very nature of the sport incorporates an element of risk. Jumping has the potential to increase that risk. All JSW 4 Jumps Ltd products are supplied as mobile training obstacles. The onus is upon the person using the our products, to ensure they are using and setting up the jumps in a suitable manner for the particular rider and situation, and adhering to any rules and regulations that may apply to the particular setting in which they are being used, and JSW (Yorkshire) Ltd assumes no responsibility or liability for the same.  JSW (Yorkshire) Ltd, its owners and agents assume no responsibility whatsoever beyond the total cost of the purchased product. The Purchaser of the product and subsequent users of the product assume all responsibility for the use of the product up to and including any injury and/or death associated with the use of such product(s).

All in all please enjoy your jumps, sensibly and safely. x