Dog Bedding is BACK!

Hello to our doggie friends, we are happy to say that our shredded paper tea bag bedding is back on the shelves and we can ship it to your door as before.

In the same sized compressed bales and back to the original price of £12.50 per bale, it’s clean, fresh, virgin material which is perfect for racing dogs, trailing and gun dogs as well as your family pet dog too.  It is warm and absorbent and dogs love a fresh bed (don’t we all?!)

For those of you looking for large quantities? We can pallet ship to you to a maximum of 15 bales on a pallet

The Tea Bag shredded paper bedding for dogs is clean virgin material so those with allergies to other bedding will find this comforting.  Over the years we have sold it to boarding kennels, zoo’s, dog breeders, for racing dogs, whelping pups, gun dogs and other working dogs, animal sanctuaries and even sold it to rabbit and Guinnea Pig owners.

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